Commercial Photography in Miami

Striking visuals and appealing branding are foundational to commercial success in today’s hyper-competitive marketing landscape. If this sounds daunting, don’t fret. Our Miami-based photographers are on-hand to create gorgeous images that align with your core brand messaging and resonate with key demographics.

We’re happy to work with all sorts of businesses across a range of sectors, including law, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and more. Rest assured, we treat all projects with the time and care they deserve, no matter the size of your business. In fact, we’ve performed so well over the years that we’re proud to have a growing pool of repeat clients.


Our drive to create unique and unusual images sets us apart from other photographers in the Miami area. We know how to catch consumer attention using cutting-edge composition techniques, stopping at nothing to harness color and light in exciting new ways. If you’re keen to shake up your company’s image, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Looking for HIGH quality IMAGES THAT SELL?

Our talented creative team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences before production begins. We’ll guide you through all of the available options and ensure that you’re comfortable with the direction of the project. You can trust us to be available to answer any questions you may have, and to provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. With our comprehensive approach, you can be confident that your final product will exceed your expectations.


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Commercial photography services do we offer


Advertising and website material

Something as simple as a striking image can significantly affect the success of your website. If you want to attract leads and avoid high bounce rates, our photographers will deliver high-quality images and videos to drive consumer interest. Whether you’re promoting luxury cuisine or premium real estate, we’ll ensure your goods and services look too good to resist.

Product and lifestyle photography 

Do you need appealing product images for your e-commerce site or physical catalogue? Our team has mastered the fine art of product photography and are happy to take as many shots as required. Rest assured, we will process and edit all images and videos to guarantee uniformity and clarity, thus helping your customers make important purchasing decisions. 

As well as offering images with a clean background, we’re happy to create lifestyle-based photographs that display your products in a natural environment. Say, for example, you want to sell a coffee machine. We’ll enlist the help of an actor (or actors) to show the product in action. Lifestyle photography is an excellent option for businesses hoping to sell certain experiences or generate a relatable brand image.


Aerial photography

Aerial photography is highly effective in promoting commercial property, helping to speed up sales and attract a broader range of customers. We work with trained and licensed pilots to create aerial footage and sleek panoramas that display your property and the surrounding area.

3D virtual tours

Virtual tours have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing consumers with a quick and convenient way to check out real estate, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues. As well as creating professional video tours that highlight your property’s best assets, we can create 360-degree virtual experiences that offer an immersive view of the building.

How do our services work?

We follow a set of strict procedures to ensure all clients receive unbeatable customer service, including:

Initial planning

We know that customer expectations and standards can vary widely across different industries. As such, we will analyze your sector’s competitive landscape before coming up with some creative plans. We will work with you to ensure we fully grasp your brand identity, using this knowledge to create a provisional project outline. From there, we will ask for your input and adapt our initial plan in line with your needs and preferences.

Conducting the shoot

Next, our commercial photographers will shoot your images or videos at our studio in Miami or the location of your choice. We will use premium equipment to ensure the images we capture are sharp and present your offerings in the best light.


Next, we will edit your images in line with your requirements. We will ask for your input before finalizing the project to ensure you’re happy with the results and that the images align with your broader brand portfolio.

Why do businesses need commercial photography?

Many businesses rely on stock images or simple graphics to create their marketing materials. While this may appear cost-effective, it may not benefit your business in the long term. Choosing to invest in commercial photography could improve results in the following ways:


Convert skeptical consumers

Some consumers are wary of businesses that don’t promote images of their actual products. Professional images of your goods and services will encourage people to put their trust in your brand and drive sales.


Stand out from the crowd

Some stock images are used again and again by companies within the same sector. If your marketing materials are too similar to those of competitors, your company will look generic and average. Unique commercial photography can help you avoid this problem and capture the attention of new customers.


Boost sales through stunning imagery

Carefully planned and executed photography will ensure you make an excellent first impression on potential customers. Remember – people tend to be very visual creatures. If you can create an image that sticks in people’s minds, you’ll reap the benefits in terms of sales, leads, and conversions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your company with high-quality commercial photography.

Why choose us?

We’re the go-to photography service in Miami for several reasons, including:

Impeccable customer service

We understand that many of our clients are new to the world of photography and may need help making vital esthetic decisions. As such, we make an effort to be patient, compassionate, helpful, and friendly during every project we undertake.

We’re consistent

We’re proud of our reputation as Miami’s best photography service and do everything in our power to maintain a high level of quality across all projects. No matter how large or small the job, we’ll work with you to deliver images that sell.

We’re professional and experienced

Why risk hiring an amateur photographer when you can benefit from our many years’ worth of professional experience? Creating amazing images takes huge amounts of skill and professionalism – which we have in bucketloads.

Increases Sales

Photography and videography helps in improving overall sales. Market research shows that consumers tend to click more on professional photos or videos. Adding photos and videos to product description increases your sales.

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Very professional - excellent quality photos received within two days of the shoot. Highly recommend!
The guys did great photos of the dishes for our menu. The pictures look as delicious as the food!
ibusinesstech consulting
ibusinesstech consulting
This is my go to video and photo editing company.
Andrey Andrey
Andrey Andrey
We had a great experience with this company, very professional and high quality work. I recommend them to all my friends and family that need photography and video services.
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Maksym Zakharko
Great photography and videography services in Miami!